How To Get Rid Of Fungus Gnats (You Might Mistake Them For Fruit Flies).

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Indoor door plant lover? But have you noticed little black ANNOYING flies that invade your personal space?

After many google searches, we have finally figured out what these look-alike fruit flies are and where they’re coming from.

What are Fungus Gnats? 

Small flying mosquito-like flies that infest soil, potting mix and other sources of organic decomposition (They’re often mistaken for a fruit fly but they’re different). AKA they live and breed in the soil of your indoor plants. Once one plant has them the gnats tend to take over all your plants, so it’s something to get onto ASAP.

Do they cause harm?

The fungus gnats lay their eggs in the soil, the larvae feed off fungi and organic matter, but also chew roots which can become a problem for the health of your indoor plant. The adults are don’t cause harm, they just fly around and be annoying. They breed fast so the flies come in swarms.

One morning I woke up and went into the living room and OMG the entire floor was covered in gnat larvae, I had nightmares for weeks. Disgusting!!! I discovered that they were coming from a freshly potted plant! I soon learnt that the potting mix I purchased came with gnats :( 

So how do you get rid of them?

Let’s start with the adults, you can use fly spray or you can set a trap. I personally just spray them when I see them. If you don’t like using fly spray get a bowl pour apple cider vinegar in and add some dishwashing soap. The soup stops them from escaping. This is the most important and hardest part, killing the eggs and larvae. Go to Bunnings and purchase Eco-Neem Botanical Insecticide it’s a little bit expensive but because it’s an oil it goes a long way and is worth it. You can make a spray and spray the leaves but I would suggest using it to drench the soil which kills the eggs and larvae (bingo).  We used 5ml of the eco-neem mixed in with 1L of water and poured this into one plant. Keep an eye out as you may need to repeat this process depending on your infestation. 

Tip:  Keep soil dry as fungus gnats seek out moist soil, so allowing your houseplants to dry out a bit between waterings can slow down or stop an infestation.

Tip: Buy yellow sticky traps to put in your pots. The adult gnats are attracted to yellow and will stick to these traps.

Let us know if this helped your flying bug situation. Now at least you know where these annoying little critters are coming from.

Love Sammi & Paris 

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