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Are you making a New Year’s resolution or setting some goals to kick in the New Year? More than half of all resolutions can fail because they can be unrealistic! Instead of thinking of it as one big overwhelming goal, set small achievable goals to give yourself your best shot at achieving them!

A lot of these big New Year resolutions fail because someone else (or pressure  from society) is telling you to change, or the goal is too vague and you don’t have a realistic plan set for achieving your resolution or goal. Set something that’s do-able and MEANINGFUL to YOU. It’s the perfect time to reflect on yourself and set yourself up for an amazing 2022! These goals don’t need to be overwhelming, they can just be small things that you want to set out to achieve in the New Year.
Whatever your goal is – the important thing is that you are on the right path to achieve it, our 5 tips to setting your goals for 2022.
1. Stay Positive
It can be difficult to make changes in your life, change can be scary and out of your comfort zone, but that’s where the magic can happen and it's so exciting!!! Focusing on the positives will help you stick to your resolution and make it happen. Time to stop focusing and stressing on anything negative.

2. Be Realistic

Set goals that suit your lifestyle, not focusing on what anyone else is doing. Be honest to yourself and set time targets for your goals.

3. Make A Plan & Keep Yourself Accountable

Sit down and write a plan for your goals, know what you want to accomplish, but make sure you also determine the when, where, and why of your goal. That way you can create an action plan and set yourself on the right path for achieving your goal. Starting a goal may feel easy at first, but as the months go on and you face obstacles, it can be all too easy to give up. Follow through on your promises and focus on the why of your goal. Hold yourself accountable.

4. Reward Yourself
Don’t forget to reward yourself along the way!! Celebrating all your wins big or small is so important.

5. Post Your Goals where You Can See Them

Either a vision board, diary or even just have them on your notes in your phone. This way you can refer back to them every day or if you’re having a rough day, look at them and think of the why behind them! Don’t just have them in your mind, writing them down is so important!

We hope you find these tips helpful! Enjoy the holiday period with family and friends and see you in 2022!! Let’s do this girls!!!
Love Paris & Sammi xx

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