Pregnancy Essentials For Summer

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Summer is just around the corner and WOW have we already had some hot sweaty days. If you have a baby on board, summer can make your days long, hot and tough.

We have created a must-have summer pregnancy wardrobe to help you through those humid days.


Pregnancy Cross Over Shorts

Lightweight, stretchy, breathable and extremely comfortable shorts, what more could you want? Our Paris & I Cross Over Shorts are perfect for your growing belly. The waistband is super stretchy with high technology buttery soft fabric. The Cross Over Feature allows you to wear the shorts high, mid or low rise, so depending on the day and how you feel, you have options. These shorts work with you not against you, they grow with you and most importantly they’re flattering and comfortable.

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Breastfeeding Multipurpose V-Neck Tank  

A bra that supports your boobies and doesn’t have underwire & nasty elastic… It sounds like a dream right? Well, it’s a dream come true. The Paris & I V-Neck has been carefully crafted with no elastic, no underwire and most importantly no nasty sore straps. Suitable for big or small breasts, you won’t have spillage out the sides and you will feel secure and comfortable. What a great combination. The V-Neck is also our best seller not only because it’s amazing for exercising but it is also breastfeeding friendly. So many mummies rave about this miracle bra! Finally, the fabric is buttery soft, breathable and durable you won’t want to take it off.

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Pregnancy ¾ Pocket Leggings 

We know some people aren’t a fan of shorts but don’t want to wear full-length leggings. If that’s you these ¾ pocket leggings are for you. The waistband is oh so stretchy and soft on your growing belly. The fabric is breathable so you won’t feel sticky and gross. The pocket is an extra helping hand. Finally, the contouring seams are ever so flattering. These Leggings are hands down so comfortable.

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Breastfeeding Zip Bra 

The reason why our Zip bra is so unique and different from others? Our bra is made from high-tech buttery soft fabric, it features a high-quality zipper for easy front access, elastic-free gentle straps for ultimate comfort and our bra has the perfect amount of coverage/length AKA no spillage. Finally, the bra won't cut or dig in and it can be worn for date night as it’s sleek and stylish.

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We hope you love these items as we know they will help you during those hot summer days. All our bottoms and tops at Paris & I are maternity friendly but the items above are our #1 best sellers for all our mummies to be 


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