The Best Activewear For Endometriosis, IBS and or Bloating

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The Best Activewear For Endometriosis, IBS and or Bloating  

There is nothing worse than being bloated and having something restricting your stomach putting you in more pain. I have always lived in activewear as I love sport. However, I could never wear anything tight for a long period of time as I'd end up with terrible tummy cramps. 

When you have endo the flare-ups are not planned or scheduled so comfortable activewear is a MUST. We have designed all our waistbands to be friendly on the tummy yet still give you that support you need. Paris & I waistbands are made from a special blend of fabric that has years of research and testing put into it. Our waistbands don’t cut in, there is no uncomfortable elastic and they shape and contour you in all the right places BUT you are still in complete comfort. Endo or no endo Paris & I bottoms are designed to be loved by everyone.

Whenever we design something at Paris & I, A LOT of thought is put into it. Everything has a purpose and everything is designed for the everyday woman who wants to feel comfortable yet confident.  

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