The DIY Shrug Trend 2022

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Shrugs are BACK, but where is everyone getting their shrugs from? Can you keep a secret? If so keep on reading. 

It can seem a waste to buy a half garment or half accessory. BUT it just looks that good... Especially with activewear. 

Paris & I have a solution for you, this solution allows you to wear your shrug multiple ways and turn old into new.

OK do you own a crew neck jumper or even a hoodie? I'm sure you all do. If not we have the signature long sleeve (this is what we wear as a shrug) 

Instructions For Your DIY SHRUG 

  • Pop your jumper of choice on 
  • Pull the front part of your jumper over your head and to the back 

It's as easy as that. If you want to see a video on how to please click HERE 

Now to mix it up, the Cut Out SHRUG.

Instructions for the Cut Out SHRUG 

  • Put your cropped crew neck on 
  • Now tuck up the front (you can pin it if you'd like) 

Now you can join the trend without buying anything, it's recycling what you already have yay.

If you want a sleek crew neck that can be worn as three styles shop our signature long sleeve, it's made from the same buttery soft fabric as our leggings. Don't forget we are also Australian Made.

With Love,

Sammi & Paris xx

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