Best Leggings & Shorts With A Phone Pocket: What To Look For

Best Leggings & Shorts With A Phone Pocket: What To Look For

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Everyone loves pockets, especially when it comes to pockets and activewear. Leggings and workout shorts should be functional, comfortable and reliable (camel toe & squat proof). They're a piece of clothing that should support you in many ways.

However, sometimes a pocket can spoil your favourite pair of leggings or workout shorts as it can make you feel bulky or the pocket isn't practical. 

So when shopping for your next pair of pocket leggings or shorts make sure all the boxes are ticked. If you don't know what to look for, I have listed what to avoid and what to look for.


  • Avoid 'invisible' inbuilt pocket at the front of the waistband

these are NEVER invisible... It looks like an odd underwear line that leaves people thinking what's that?

  • Avoid Back Pocket 

Do you want to be lying on your phone or keys when doing sit-ups? Pockets that are centre back of the waistband are impractical and uncomfortable. Imagine going to the bathroom all sweaty and trying to get your pants down then they get stuck on the item inside the pocket.

  • Avoid Unflattering Side Pocket

A side of the leg pocket is the ideal location. However, if the seams are bulky and curved in the wrong direction the pocket can be unflattering

  • Avoid Small Pockets

What's the point in a pocket if it can only fit a credit card? Make sure the pocket can fit the biggest smartphone on the market,

  • Avoid Saggy Pockets

No one likes running around or doing exercise and your belongings fall out. Or even worse, you think your phone is secure and safe, you go to sit in your car and your phone falls down the side of the seat.


  • Look For A Side Pocket

the side pocket provides a discreet and easily accessible space to carry essentials like keys, a phone, or a small wallet during workouts or daily activities. It maintains a sleek, streamlined appearance while keeping your items within reach, making it a practical and fashionable choice for modern active lifestyles.

  • Look For Deep Pocket

As mentioned above a deep pocket ensures that nothing falls out no matter what position you're in

  • Look For Flattering Pocket Placement

A flattering design for a pocket typically features a subtle, diagonal seam or contoured lines that blend seamlessly with the leg's natural shape, creating a sleek and stylish appearance while maintaining functionality.

  • Look For A Well Thought Out Design

Look for a pocket that starts at a comfortable height, you don't want to strain yourself reaching for your phone. I would suggest just below the hips.

  • Look For Good Quality Fabric

Good quality fabric in gym wear is crucial because it provides durability, comfort, and moisture-wicking properties, enhancing overall performance and ensuring long-lasting use.

  • Look For Australian Made

Australian-made activewear is the best choice for quality-conscious consumers. With rigorous quality standards, ethical production practices, and reduced environmental impact due to proximity, it offers a compelling blend of benefits. Supporting local businesses bolsters the Australian economy, and brands like Paris & I can readily incorporate customer feedback into their designs, ensuring a customer-centric approach. Moreover, staying close to local fashion trends enables quick adaptation to changing preferences. These factors collectively make Australian-made activewear the ideal choice for those seeking top-notch fitness apparel.


When it comes to activewear, the inclusion of well-designed pockets can significantly enhance functionality and convenience, making your workouts or daily activities more comfortable. However, not all pocket designs are created equal. It's crucial to avoid pockets that create discomfort or detract from the sleek appearance of your leggings or shorts, such as 'invisible' waistband pockets or impractical back pockets. Opt instead for side pockets, which offer discreet and accessible storage without bulkiness or sagging. Look for deep pockets that securely hold your essentials in place and a flattering design that complements the natural shape of your legs. A well-thought-out pocket should start at a comfortable height, and it's essential to choose gym wear with high-quality fabric for durability and comfort. To support local businesses, minimise your environmental impact, and enjoy top-notch fitness apparel, consider Australian-made activewear like Paris & I. They've mastered the art of combining fashion and function in their pocket leggings and shorts, making them the ideal choice for those seeking the best in activewear.

P.S. Not only have we mastered our pockets, but we are also the pioneers of camel toe and squat-proof activewear, we have seriously thought of everything and solved all your issues... Evidence...

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