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To start, all of our products are 100% made in Australia.

1. Quality and Durability
When you buy Australian made activewear, you're investing in quality and durability. Mass produced activewear brands reduce their costs by using cheaper low quality materials that are not as durable which also affects comfort and fit. Paris & I activewear is made from high-quality fabrics that are designed to withstand even the toughest workouts. You won't have to worry about sagging, stretching, or fading, so you can wear your Paris & I pieces for years to come.

2. Designs are Unique not Pre-Made Generic Stock
By investing in Australian made activewear, you have access to unique and innovative designs that you won't find anywhere else. However, make sure the brand understands your needs and check that their designs have fulfilled them. Paris & I activewear are responsive to their customer's needs and preferences. This leads to a more personalised and satisfying shopping experience, as the customers have a direct impact on the products that are being produced. Paris & I is uniquely crafted from scratch, a lot of thought, testing and love has been put into the activewear. From camel toe and squat proof technology to moisture-wicking fabrics, Paris & I is always on the cutting edge, ensuring that their customers get the best possible product.

3. Ethics & Sustainability
Mass produced activewear brands may prioritise profit over ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. Whereas, Here at Paris & I, we believe in sustainability and ethical practices. Being Australian made means that manufacturers must comply with the strict labour laws, which ensures workers are treated fairly and ethically. Furthermore, the Australian Government has implemented strict regulations to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment. Australian manufacturers must use production methods that reduce their environmental footprint. You can feel good about your purchase knowing that you're supporting a brand that cares about the environment and its workers.

4. Comfort and Style
Paris & I is not trend-driven, what exactly does this mean? Well here at Paris & I, we don't do crazy out there prints as they may go out of style quickly and become less desirable, leading to overproduction and waste. Not only is our Australian made activewear sustainable and durable, but it's also comfortable and stylish. We use fabrics that are soft and breathable, so you can feel confident and comfortable during your workout. Plus, our designs are versatile, so you can wear them from the gym to brunch.

5. Support Local Business
By investing in Australian made activewear, you're supporting local businesses and the Australian economy. You're also helping to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and manufacturing from overseas. Paris & I have a greater flexibility and control over the design and production process as Paris & I (Sammy & Paris) work closely with their local manufacturers. This means that they can take feedback from their customers and incorporate it into their designs and manufacturing processes.

In conclusion, investing in Australian made activewear is worth the investment for anyone looking for quality, ethics, unique designs, innovation, and superior fit and comfort in their athletic apparel. By choosing to support local businesses that prioritise ethical and sustainable business practices, you can feel good about your purchase while getting a high-quality product that will last for years to come and you know you can't get anywhere else

even if a 'dupe' has been made you know it won't fit or feel the same because they don't know the secrets behind crafting the best activewear on the market.

Mass produced activewear brands may prioritise profit over ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. Whereas, Here at Paris & I, we believe in sustainability and ethical practices. Being Australian made means that manufacturers must comply with the strict labour laws, which ensures workers are treated fairly and ethically. Furthermore, the Australian Government has implemented strict regulations to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment. Australian manufacturers must use production methods that reduce their environmental footprint. You can feel good about your purchase knowing that you're supporting a brand that cares about the environment and its workers.

We make all of our women’s activewear right here in Australia! All garments are produced in line with Australian ethics standards, while local production reduces the environmental impact of importing products AND limits the time it takes to get new products out to you. We ethically source our materials from trusted fabric partners in China, which is then shipped to us right here to be made and then adored by you!

We are located on the sunny Gold Coast, where we (Paris & Sammi) pick and pack all of your orders personally.

Paris (brunette) wears a size Small in everything and Sammi (blonde) wears a size Extra Small. Paris is 173cm and usually wears a women's size AU 8 in standard clothing, while Sammi is 163cm and usually wears a women's size AU 4 in standard clothing.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a brick and mortar store space, however rest assured we offer 30-day returns for new customers to ensure you can find the fit and feel you adore. Keep your eyes peeled for future stockists.

The best way to find out about any Paris & I updates including any restock dates, is to join our VIP list via email or text message. We also have "notify me" option for restock alerts. For all other information keep an eye out on our Instagram @parisandiofficial https://www.instagram.com/parisandiofficial/?hl=en for announcements.

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Product Questions

Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with a camel toe… However, it’s nice to have the option to not have Mr or Mrs camel toe on display. camel toes happen due to the design of the pants. Here at Paris & I we made sure all our bottoms have a gusset, seams that are long enough (but not too long) and high tech fabric. We are camel toe free.

Read More Here

There is nothing worse than activewear that's see through. Here at Paris & I, we spent over a year perfecting our Paris & I bottoms. The research that went into our special blend of fabric was crazy! Not only did the fabric have to be perfect but the style and fit. Paris & I went through a year trial phase which included intense workouts to leisure. Long story short they're squat proof.

Our current size range offers EXTRA SMALL (AU Size 4-6) TO EXTRA LARGE (AU Size 14-16). We use a range of models to best show our products, so be sure to check our descriptions for comparable sizing.

Size Chart

Please refer to our size chart when choosing your Paris & I product. If you are in-between sizes we do recommend sizing up as they run quite firm. If you have any other questions please email us at hello@parisandi.com.au

Up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong-sized clothing, are you?

When purchasing activewear, getting the correct size is detrimental. Purchasing leggings that are too big results in your leggings hanging at the crutch and leggings that are too small will roll down at the waistband and over time the fabric will become sheer as it's been stretched past its natural elasticity. 

Here are some guidelines to make sure you're getting the correct size when making your next activewear purchase. 

Fit & Feel  

There is nothing better then putting on a brand new pair of leggings, but maybe you're wearing the wrong size? Your leggings should feel like a second skin, snug in all the right places- Butt, waist, and legs. However, your leggings shouldn't be so tight that they're restricting you. Or on the other hand they shouldn't feel loose around the areas mentioned above. Your leggings should move with you no matter what type of workout or movement you're doing, they should feel comfortable but supportive. 

Here are some signs that your leggings are too small 

Not Squat Proof

First, look for activewear that promotes being squat proof as leggings should never show skin or undies when they're put to action. Secondly, be sure to check the size guide as all brands are different. If you purchase a size too small the leggings may start off being squat proof, but over time the fabric will become sheer as it's been pushed pasted its natural elasticity. Not only will they become sheer the fabric will break down overtime and the leggings won't retain their shape. 

The Waistband is Rolling at The Top 

A good indication that your leggings are too small is that your waistband rolls down at the top. This can be very frustrating and uncomfortable, but it's an easy fix as going up a size will allow for the fabric to sit correctly without the pressure causing it to roll. Also, look for a waistband that is designed without elastic, as the elastic can cause rolling. The waistband should be made with double layered soft, stretchy but supportive fabric. Finally, a waistband is so important so make sure the brand has done extensive research on their design and have been around long enough for their product to be tested and tried by all different body shapes. 

The Stitching Looks Stressed 

If the stitching in the seams of your leggings look stressed and grinned this means there is too much pressure. Going up a size in your leggings will reduce the pressure on the seams which will increase the lifespan of your favourite leggings.  


Here are some signs that your leggings are too big 

There is Excess Fabric in The Crutch 

Leggings are designed to move with you, they're like a second skin. If they're too big in the crotch area the fabric can give you chafe and or you could end up with a camel toe because there's no where else to go but into your vagina. 

Your Leggings Slip Down

When you wear leggings too big they will 100% slip down during your workouts. This is why it's so important to understand your size as there is nothing worse then stopping during a workout to pull your leggings up.

No Support 

Your leggings are supposed to be firm to offer you support, you want to feel like you could do anything in them with all the confidence in the world. Leggings are designed to move with you no matter what type of workout you're doing. Leggings that are too big will restrict you as you will have to adjust them, and no one has time for that. 


Leggings that are the right size will last longer, meaning you will not have to constantly buy new leggings. Here at Paris & I we can guarantee you'll love your leggings and they will love you back for a long time.  

How Paris & I Sizing works? We base our sizing off non stretch fabric (yes our leggings are stretchy). If you wear a size 10AUS in jeans or pants you'd be a size M in Paris & I. If you are unsure about your sizing please message the online chat, email or dm us (Sammi & Paris) on Instagram. We love to help 

If you don't want to talk to us hehe that's ok we have a size chart and a virtual fitting room

Love you,

Sammi & Paris 

Supportive activewear is hard to come by - we get it. Our extensive range of tops and bottoms mean you can choose garments according to the kind of exercise you’re involved in, as well as whether you need more support for your shoulders, neck or back. Some of our tops are a little longer and our shorts have reinforced waistbands and scrum-bum technology. The options are endless, and the possibilities are limitless.

After two years of trialling fabric options, we decided on a unique blend of  80% Polyester and 20% Spandex. Tried and tested, our special fabric is stretchy yet firm, breathable and perfectly hugs every kind of body. Whether you’re after maternity activewear or cute exercise clothing to carry you through your day-to-day, we’ve got you covered.

Our gym wear fares well during the cooler months as it sits close to the body and doesn’t budge once its on. The breathability of the fabric means it does not trap excess body heat. For added layers, we recommend the Luxe Jacket which you can easily remove once things heat up.

We hear you - believe us! The texture and thickness of our fabric ensures that moisture does not pool in the sweatiest areas of our bodies. Check out our Instagram for regular squat and sweat tests https://www.instagram.com/parisandiofficial/?hl=en.

You can trust us - we don’t wear anything else ourselves! We live, dance, move and thrive in our Paris & I garments - and our reviews speak for themselves https://www.parisandi.com.au/pages/reviews. Once you receive your first Paris & I exercise clothing, you’ll realise just why our customers keep coming back.

No they don't. Paris & I bottoms are proven to be roll and slip resistant please click here to read more

And NO we don't use nasty elastic to keep your wasitband up, the secret is in the fabric and design.

At Paris & I, we (Sammi & Paris) have spent years perfecting our designs. We have created GAME changing products designed for all women, not just one woman.

Scrunch Bum Leggings is when a special sewing technique is used to create a gathered look that separates your bum cheeks which then creates the illusion of a fantastic peachy booty. 

Scrunch Bum ensures that your booty will look even more glorious than it already does. 

fascinated? Keep reading because you're gonna want to get your hands on a pair of these bottoms, ASAP. 

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Classic means the bottoms don't have the scrunch bum gathering. Our classic bottoms still have the V contouring design.

The classic bottoms use a special sewing technique to create a seamless look that separates your bum cheeks which then creates the illusion of a fantastic peachy booty.

Scrunch means the bottoms have a gathered look complimented with a V contouring design.

Our scrunch bum is not too intense

When the scrunch bum is to promenade it ends up going across your entire bum width. Which then looks like you just have wrinkled fabric from one side to the other.

The point of a scrunch bum is to slightly separate your cheeks, giving you that BBL booty we all love

Both styles are comfortable and flattering.

We use a special technique of minimal/invisible seams. WHY? keep reading

There is a myth going around the internet that no front seam guarantees no camel toes. If you're new here a camel toe is when there is vertical tension causing the fabric to give you a front wedgie. Anyway, just because there is no front seam doesn't mean you're in the clear, you need to make sure that the garment isn't loose around the crutch area and features a minimal/invisible.

Many factors come into play when designing camel toe free activewear. 

Paris & I have

  • Minimal invisible seam 
  • NO excess fabric around the crutch 
  • Paris & I understand the technology of camel toe proof activewear 

Here at Paris & I we have created the BEST G-String for all your activewear bottoms. Since being released in 2018 we can't keep them in stock

The Science Behind These Camel Toe / BBL G-Strings: 

  •  Undies that Have a Thick Gusset: AKA Where Your Vagina Lips Sit: If this section is thick it stops camel toes as it creates a barrier between your slit and your leggings hehe.
  •  You Want The Front Of the Undies Not to Be Too Thin: You want this section to be just the right width. Too thin and your privates fall out the side too wide and the undies start to roll inwards.
  • The Perfect Fit: Don't buy undies that are too big, yes they can be really comfortable but they're not helping you in the camel toe or booty lifting department. You need them to fit firmly to avoid any loose fabric that accumulates around your vagina.
  •  Sculpting & Supportive Edging: Booty Sculpting Technology: This is only relevant to G-Strings. Look for a G-String that is firm above your bum cheeks going into your bum crack, sounds weird but this will give you a booty plump and lift!

Now you’ve learnt the science behind why these undies are a miracle, they need to be paired with the correct activewear.

Read More Here

Shipping & Delivery

Of course! Once your order has been dispatched from our studio, you will receive an email with all your tracking information and the steps to track your parcel to your door. Please make sure you check your junk mail and if you still can't find it, please email hello@parisandi.com.au or use our live chat

All your orders are shipped from the Gold Coast and Paris & I uses Australia Post

Domestic shipping can take up to 5 - 7 business days.

Express shipping can take up to 1 - 3 business days

Foreign shipping could take up to 14 business days.


Free shipping worldwide when you spend $149 AUD

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Yes, we ship our products all over the globe.

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We ship worldwide

compostable 0 waste mailers

No. Please refer the Shipping page on our website, which outlines information regarding import liabilities, taxes and the associated costs.

Warranty & Repair

We love our products, and we’re sure you will too! Our Confidence Guarantee ensures that new customers can feel completely confident shopping with us - we offer 30-day returns. If you try on your products and realise the colour doesn’t suit you or you need a different size to feel comfortable, you can return your purchase to us for a full refund. T&Cs apply - read more here https://www.parisandi.com.au/pages/30-day-warranty. We care about you and want you to feel as smitten with your purchase as we are!

Returns & Refunds

We offer a 30-day exchange period if you have ordered the incorrect size or want to change styles. Your item will need to be returned in original condition & unworn. We are unfortunately unable to cover the cost of return shipping, but will happily ship the new size to you free of charge. We do offer exchanges for change of mind. If you need to exchange your size, please contact hello@parisandi.com.au and we will get back to you.

A exchange request can be submitted within a month after the purchase is made. We must receive the product before 30 days

Paris & I do not cover the cost of return shipping, but will happily ship the new size to you free of charge.

Yes, we offer store credits

Please contact hello@parisandi.com.au and we will be more then happy help you. Unfortunately if the product has already shipped, we are unable to make changes and we will need to wait for the item to reach your letterbox.


Yes! We do offer Afterpay to our customers in Australia and NZ.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, apple pay, google pay, shop pay.

You can also choose to pay with PayPal or Afterpay.

You can select your currency by using the drop-down option at the bottom of our website.

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