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An Australian Made Journey That Began in 2017


Behind the clothes is Australian Founders Paris-Rose Paterson and Samantha Fulton-Kennedy [I], envisioning slow fashion that embodies high-quality over mass-quantity. Paris & I are committed to excellence in design and style by producing Australian-made garments that fit and flatter every figure— pioneering the scrunch-bum technique and velvet-like materials. We design by desire, releasing minimal drops based on consumer drive - allowing our company to limit waste and consumption while reducing our environmental impact - empowering women and our earth with mindfully created fashion.


In 2017, Paris & I (Sammy) set out to redefine leggings, investing over a year to craft a design that had never been seen before. Our commitment to creating something genuinely unique stemmed from the belief that this design, tailored from scratch, would be universally flattering on all body shapes.


The lengthy process was intentional. We were determined to move away from generic, shiny, and stiff fabrics that often led to discomfort, compression in the wrong areas, and the dreaded camel toe. Paris & I was born out of a desire to provide a solution to these common issues, introducing a design that prioritizes both style and comfort.


Since our debut in 2018, we've listened to our customers, evolving and refining our products to meet their diverse needs. Proudly Australian-made, we possess the agility to swiftly adapt and improve based on your preferences. 


Join us on a journey where innovation, comfort, and style converge. At Paris & I, we are not just redefining leggings; we're setting a new standard for activewear. The demand for our meticulously mastered designs is evident in our frequent sellouts, a testament to the unparalleled quality and style that Paris & I brings to the market. Experience the revolution – Paris & I, where designs are mastered.


 Paris & I are for movement.
For progress.
For the future.
For inspiring everything within oneself.
Paris & I are for champions.
For leaders.
For athletes.
For the unapologetic.
For doing something, you are proud of.
Paris & I are for greatness.
For dreamers.
For Mothers.
For women.
For the everchanging self - Paris & I dress the ambitious body every woman possesses.  



Paris & I create a space for women to embrace all that it means to __________ [insert your own definition of what it means to be a woman] recognising the importance of growing a liberating and all-inclusive label.

We honour authenticity, connection, and community above all else. 



Designed for movement and fit for anything, Paris & I are devoted to crafting athleisurewear for the endless adventure of womanhood. 

Uplifting ambitious bodies with mindfully created fashion, no matter the journey, Paris & I will encourage you through every step.



To show the world that being a woman is whatever you make it - undefined and unapologetic. 



We empower every face of womanhood by promoting a life that recognises wellbeing and connection at the core of greatness.






Hello there and thank you for stopping by. The picture of the two girls in the lilac is us! Sammi on the left and Paris on the right. We own and operate Paris & I. The other picture is our mum's. We feel like it's important to include them on here as family and community is everything to us.

Paris & I isn't just about the clothing for us, it's about making people feel amazing about themself. Connecting with you is what keeps us alive, it's what puts the biggest smiles on our faces. So please if you need anyone to chat to about anything, message us on instagram @parisandiofficial or email us at Why? because you are important to us.

The Owners

Sammi & Paris


Our Cute mums

Family is important




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