7 Things You Need To Know Before Making Your Next Activewear Purchase

7 Things You Need To Know Before Making Your Next Activewear Purchase

Posted by Paris & I on

Posted by Paris & I on 

After thousands of dollars and years of trying different activewear, we have found the 7 things you need to know before your next purchase. If you get these 7 things wrong your activewear can turn out looking extremely unflattering. We're here to save the day... 

1.Make Sure Your Leggings Are Camel Toe Proof

“My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps”

But seriously, haven't you ever wondered why some leggings give you a camel toe and others don’t? Well, the ‘Camel Toe’ is created from not having a gusset. Now, what is this magical gusset we speak of? A gusset is a triangle that is located in the crutch of the garment, this feature allows your lady bits to sit nicely instead of the seam parting your precious V’jay jay ;). Not only does the gusset protect and comfort your pride and joy, but it also prevents you from encountering the notorious ‘camel toe’. 

2. Ensure waistbands are double-layered with NO elastic

Elastic in your waistband commonly results in tummy aches and overhang…. 

But allow me to show you what will enable a 1-second transformation, it’s a double-layered waistband. Now, what does a double-layered waistband do and what is all the rage about? It does not pinch in on your stomach (like elastic), it simply enables the double-layered fabric to hug and shape you in all the right places especially around your stomach. So, in conclusion, when purchasing leggings (and any bottoms for that matter) you need to ensure they feature a double-layered waistband. Because we know double-layered waistbands leave you looking amazing, feeling great and all-round are a much better fit.

3. The height of the waistband 

No matter how skinny you are, a low waistband can be uncomfortable as it cuts into places no one wants and, thus creating a muffin top. When combining a double-layered waistband, no elastic and ideal waistband height you get the perfect formula to look and feel a million dollars in your activewear. A high waistband is not only extremely flattering but it also offers core support whilst smoothing and shaping your midsection. 

4. The importance of minimal/ invisible seams

It seams like there is nothing worse than having a big fat seam, front and centre of your leggings… (like the seam that runs right over your pubic bone). Having a big seam at the front of your leggings causes discomfort and a less than flattering look. As mentioned in the first point a gusset stops a camel toe however the gusset needs to be complemented by an invisible seam not a big thick hairy caterpillar seam. Therefore, look for activewear featuring minimal/ Invisible seams as this style is flattering and comfortable.

5. How do you know if your activewear is going to be squat proof and what fabric is the best?

Fabric plays a big role in determining the quality and lifetime of activewear. The type of fabric also tells you how it’s going to fit, feel and most of all if it’s going to be see-through(hellooo G stringgggg). When it comes to fabric you also want something that’s going to be soft for casual wear whilst wicking away sweat during a workout. Down below I have listed a little break down on popular fabrics used for leggings, which will then lead into the PERFECT blend. BUT first, you must know the facts to understand why.

 Cotton leggings 

Advantage: cotton is known to be a soft breathable fabric 

Disadvantage: loses shape over time & not sweat resistant 

Polyester leggings 

Advantage: Lightweight, Water-resistant, sweat-wicking & breathable 

Disadvantage: fabric shine can be unattractive  

Spandex leggings 

Advantage: super stretchy & retains original shape   

Disadvantage: non-absorbent 

Nylon Leggings

Advantage: durable & lightweight

Disadvantage: Static & pilling 

The PERFECT Blend: After learning about all the different advantages and disadvantages wouldn’t you agree that the perfect fabric would be a unique blend of polyester and spandex. Activewear that has this unique blend will be soft, breathable, lightweight, sweat-wicking, super stretchy and retains its shape. Most importantly with the correct choice of thickness (GSM), they will be110% squat proof! 

(But REALLY what you need to know is that they’re thick enough so your pubies don't prick your workout partner at your next F45 sweat sesh)

6. Why choose stretchy fabric 

Extreme chafe or wedgies is the reason you need a quality blend of nylon, polyester and spandex, otherwise, you might as well workout in your office slacks. It doesn't matter if you're short, tall or even pregnant stretchy blended fabric enables the garments to hug where it needs to and to ensure that you are comfortable and confident. When you buy quality materials like the above this enables you to have long severity with your much needed activewear. 

7. How do you choose the correct scrunch bum and what's the difference 

Scrunch bum in activewear has become a big craze however, there is a difference between good & not so good scrunch bum. People have often raised the following question: “isn't it uncomfortable to have a seam going up your crack?” Well yes, it would be uncomfortable to have restricted seam going up your crack *Keyword here is restricted*. Therefore, when purchasing scrunch bum it is important to look for a non-restrictive seam which has elastic through it. By having elastic through the scrunch bum this allows the seam to move with your body, which then stops the wedgies and in some cases sore chafe. The correct scrunch bum designs are also known to be flattering as it compliments and shapes the booty. By correct I am talking about the placement of the scrunch bum, you should look for a scrunch bum that is not overpowering and that is evenly spread throughout your booty (you don’t want the scrunch bum going halfway up your back). Another prime feature to look for is a V like shaped waistband which leads into the scrunch bum. The V-shaped waistband contours and shapes the booty whether you have one or if you are lacking in the booty department.

 As you are clearly aware these are the key features needed when buying female activewear.

So if you're looking for flattering activewear with all of the above key features simply click here (thank us later) #afterpayaccepted  


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