Activewear That...

Activewear That...

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Activewear that ticks all the boxes. All your problems are solved in one place.

Activewear that doesn't fall down 

Due to our double layered waistband, and high tech fabric we can guarantee that our leggings/ bottoms DO NOT fall down. They have been tried, tested and put through some extreme workouts on multiple women. Before Paris & I launched, "we", Sammi & Paris took an entire year perfecting our leggings/ bottoms. Why? Because we didn't get them off Alibaba we designed them from scratch to ensure that you are wearing the most comfortable and practical leggings around (we are Australian made). Here at Paris & I, a lot of time and thought went into our bottoms, from the correct seam allowance, buttery soft supportive fabric and having an elastic free waistband. But we got there in the end, and we can confidently say NO FALLING down at Paris & I. Overall, we are women and we know that there is nothing worse than activewear that rolls down.

Activewear that doesn't look like activewear

Paris & I is designed for movement and fit for anything, Paris & I are devoted to crafting athleisurewear for the endless adventure of womanhood. Uplifting ambitious bodies with mindfully created fashion. I mean why have activewear that can't be worn casual or as a fashion statement. Paris & I is something that can be worn for any occasion... Walks on the beach, coffee dates, dinner dates, a night out on the town, you name it. Also, by focusing on sleek elegant multipurpose designs it allows our company to limit waste and consumption, reducing our environmental impact. Head over to our other journal entries as we have discussed and showcased different ways you can wear your Paris & I.

Activewear that is also swimwear

Paris & I was never designed to be swimwear but we started getting so many customer messages/pictures of them wearing their Paris & I in the water. Over the Christmas period, myself (Sammi) and Paris went to the wakeboarding park on the Gold Coast, we knew our swimmers wouldn't be appropriate as we only own G-String bottoms haha (the park is full of kids). So we decided to wear our scrunch shorts and cross over crop! OMG, was this the best idea! They were so comfortable and when you stacked it off the board you didn't have to worry about anything coming out. A big plus is that our fabric is super duper quick at drying... So long story short you can wear Paris & I in the water.

Activewear that hides cellulite 

Here at Paris & I, we are a big believer that there is nothing wrong with cellulite as it's legit just the human body. But we do understand that people don't want it to be seen through their clothing, and that's ok too. Our special blend of fabric is thick enough to give you coverage and support but sleek enough that you don't feel restricted, hot and uncomfortable. Paris & I is highly rated by our customers as it's flattering and smoothing, giving you that extra bit of confidence you may be looking for. Our goal is to make EVERY woman feel amazing in Paris & I.

Activewear that gives back

Paris & I is NOT fast fashion. We design by desire, releasing minimal drops based on consumer drive - allowing our company to limit waste and consumption while reducing our environmental impact. We use biodegradable mailers, no swing tags and our packaging is a keepsake bag. Most importantly we give back and care about our community. How? we like to connect with our Paris & I family on a personal level, we offer support and try and set a good example. We are always here for a chat and that applies to anyone... Order or no order we don't care, we care for you.   

Activewear that keeps you cool 

Fabric plays a big role in determining if it's going to keep you cool. When it comes to fabric you also want something that’s going to be soft for casual wear whilst wicking away sweat during a workout. Our unique blend ensures that our activewear is soft, breathable, sweat-wicking, super stretchy and retains it’s shape. Summer or winter our activewear will keep you at the perfect body temp.

Activewear that isn't see through 

This is a big dilemma in the activewear industry, how many times have you been to the gym or you're in a class and you can see the persons undies in front of you. Why is this happening so often? Some companies don't invest in high quality fabric resulting in quick deterioration or it's just thin cheap fabric. Paris & I spent over a year sourcing the correct fabric that ticks all the boxes. Our fabric is high quality with the perfect amount of thickness but it's also paired with a thought out design. We have hundreds of reviews raving about our leggings/bottoms being squat proof. Seriously click the link below and click 'control f' or 'command f' and type in squat proof... The proof and evidence is there.

Activewear that accepts Afterpay 

Short answer... YES, and we have no minimum spend hehe. Buy Now Pay Later.   

Activewear that doesn't show sweat 

Ok, ok, ok, if anyone has ever seen me train (Sammi) I am the biggest sweat monster alive haha. Yes, our activewear is sweatproof! Due to the blend of fabric, we have used and our waistbands and tops being double layered showing no sweat marks if any they're extremely minimal and I mean my hair is wet but I'm dry where my activewear is haha it's a good look. 

Paris & I aren't fast fashion, it’s not pre-made designs ordered off Alibaba and we've just chucked our logo on it... Yes, a lot of companies do this... Not having a dig as that's their business model but here at Paris & I, we care about the customer. We would never ever release something we are not 100% happy with... Ask our manufacturer, we go back and forth making the tiniest little changes, our sampling bill is through the roof but it's so worth it because we know you'll love Paris & I.

Shop Now To See What All The Fuss Is About | Afterpay Available 

Hope you enjoyed 

Love Sammi & Paris (Owners) 

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