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Ok so we are going to let you in on the BEST brow hack! Fluffy low maintenance natural looking brows, yes please! We have tried quite a few brow gels on the market and they aren’t cheap! So no gatekeeping this bad boy any longer… VASELINE! The best $5 you will ever spend! It is amazing and keeps your brows sculpted all day!

What you will need: 

How to:
Grab your spooly and dip the brush end of into the Vaseline. Trick is you don’t need much, a little goes a long way! Then just brush up / style your brows how you would like them! Seriously the best $5 you’ll ever spend! Thank us later girls.

Another brow hack we have been loving is getting our brows laminated! A brow lamination is basically where your eyebrows are getting permed! Instead of curls, a setting lotion helps the brow hair stay brushed up and lifted upwards for about 6 weeks. Don’t be scared it doesn’t hurt at all. Not going to lie but it does smell pretty bad haha (who rememberers Veet?) Well that's what it smells like... but it's totally tolerable for amazing brows hehe. We get them done every 6-8 weeks at Waxing Xpress on the Gold Coast. We have been going there for years! Really affordable & if your a last minute type of gal they can always fit you in! We are obsessed! 

Before & After Lamination (not us)

My brows (Paris) After Lamination, thread & Tint.

We always get asked about our brows so there you have it, some of our best brow secrets for you! We always love sharing our recommendations. If you have any brow product suggestions we should try send them our way or please comment them below :)

Lots of love Paris & Sammi xx

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