Get To Know Us Paris & Sammi (Owners of Paris & I )

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A few fun facts about us!  

1. Our age:
Paris , 26 turning 27 this year on April 23rd & Sammi, 28 turning 29 this year on  April 26th! Yes we are 2 years and three days apart! Both Tauruses!

2. We also date brothers sisters for life haha! YAY

3. Our Pets:
Sammi has a Burmese named Khalessi AKA Pooey (because she's chocolate brown)

Paris has an extremely lazy chihuahua called Lola who loves sun-baking

4. Favourite food:
Sammi anything carbs haha! (Carb muncher)
Paris hot chips with chicken salt & Asian cuisine

5. We finish each-others sentences all the time & people always think we sound the same and can't tell us apart on the phone

6. Favourite cocktail:
Lychee Caprioska

7. We always rock up to work wearing the same outfits and just laugh even though we do like matching. Some people try & pay us out but it never phases us haha! Are you really best friends if you don't match.

8. We are super goofy & weird! Never be afraid to be YOURSELF!

9. We have weak as piss (excuse the pun) we pee a lot! Don't ever be ashamed ladies!

10. We're really bad dancers

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little more!

Love Paris & Sammi xxxx

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