How to Love YOURSELF   | Paris & I Edition

How to Love YOURSELF | Paris & I Edition

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Guess what??? We all have beauty marks, that’s the human body. As owners of an activewear brand (Paris & I) we put ourselves out there, to show you what being a woman is all about. Paris & I is so much more than high-quality activewear, it’s about how we utilise our platform to help others. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way and don’t YOU forget that.  

Since day one it’s always been our goal to show women that all bodies are normal and there’s no such thing as ‘ugly’.

We want to teach people to support each other - When someone is successful cheer and be proud, When someone is having a bad day be there for them. If you don’t love yourself it makes it very hard to celebrate someone else's wins, so keep on reading and let’s do some self-loving together. 

TIP ONE: You shouldn’t feel pressured to look a certain way because of social media. Instead, do things that make you feel good. Some people might love using filters and wearing makeup and some people might love being raw. Both are fantastic as long as they’re doing what they love. Don’t compare yourself to others and just do you. 

TIP TWO: You’re your biggest critic, you might think being hard on yourself is helping you ‘grow’ but it can actually do the opposite. You need to celebrate your wins even if they’re small, you need to treat yourself with the same kindness and care you’d give to your best friend. 

TIP THREE: Everyone always wants what they don’t have. I am telling you now that other people would be envious of something you have in your life, whether that be your kind heart, your beautiful eyes, your knowledge of the world and or your personality. You are inspiring someone in this world as you’re unique and valuable. So just remember this when you start to compare yourself to someone else.

TIP FOUR: Understand low mood. Low mood is the feeling of being down, empty and or numb, you can become easily irritated. Low mood can negatively affect the way you think, behave and feel. It’s helpful to recognise that you’re in a low mood as you’re more sensitive and hard on yourself. If you’re in a low mood it’s best to avoid scrolling on social media as you might find yourself comparing yourself to others and putting yourself down. Drink lots of water as being dehydrated can play a part in your low mood, and finally do some type of exercise, this could be a walk in the fresh air. Please note that low mood is completely normal it’s just learning to realise you’re in one and to find strategies to bring yourself out.

TIP FIVE: Write down what you love about yourself daily and what you appreciate, this will force you to fill your mind with positive thoughts which will naturally make you happier and most importantly you will learn to love yourself 

Hopefully, the above tips have helped you, however, if you’re more of a visual person I have linked body positivity videos below that might help-

**click on the video you want to watch and it will direct you to instagram 

Please message us if you ever need someone to chat to or if you have any questions 




With Love, Sammi & Paris xx 

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