How to Make the Best Steak Burger (EASY)

How to Make the Best Steak Burger (EASY)

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My boyfriend and I made the yummiest steak burger the other night, it was super quick easy and delicious.   


Steak - Scotch fillet or whatever you prefer 

Kewpie mayo

Onion - we got the frozen diced onion (1 bag) 

Lime juice 

Red Wine 

Shiitake mushrooms - one punnet 


2 types of cheese - Smokey Plastic Cheese (Click Here To See) Swiss-style cheese sliced 

Brioche burger buns 

Sweet Soy Sauce 


Salt & Pepper 


Minced garlic 


Take the steak out of the fridge and season with salt, pepper and thyme - let the steak sit out as steak is always best when it reaches room temp. 

Pre-Heat Oven (to toast the buns)


Cook Onion in a fry pan with butter & garlic until brown (we used half a bag for two people)

Add a splash or two of red wine once the onion is brown

Season with salt and pepper 

Mix the cooked onion and mayo in a bowl add a splash of lime juice - put aside as this will be your sauce 

Shiitake Mushrooms 

Slice your mushrooms in half 

Add them to the fry pan you used for the onion ( don’t wash it in between as this adds flavour) 

Add sweet soy sauce and cook until cooked


Butter your buns- I put slabs of butter on mine hehe then placed them in the oven to slightly toast them- while you’re waiting for them to toast cook your steak. 

Cook Your Steak 

I like to use a corrugated iron grill pan- Pre-heat the pan to extremely hot then cook your steak for two mins each side on high-med heat. This equals medium-rare steak.

Build Your Burger 

Add relish to one side of your bun 

Add Two Slices of cheese (two types) 

Add steak- we sliced ours into strips 

Add Shiitake mushrooms 

Add Lettuce 

And wow you’ve made the best steak sandwich EVER  

Please comment below or message if you give this ago! It is seriously so yummy! It will be made again this weekend, I haven't stopped thinking about it since I ate it hehe 

With Love,

Sammi & Paris 

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