Mental Health - Women's Health Week With Paris & I

Mental Health - Women's Health Week With Paris & I

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Posted by Paris & I on 

Women’s Health Week With

Paris & I   

Here at Paris & I, we are encouraging women to put their health first and book appointments with their GP.

It’s women’s health week... 

So we are asking you to use this week to check in and consider your mental health.

We know since the pandemic there are a lot of women out there feeling stressed and anxious. We also know that it's in our nature to put our loved ones before our own wellbeing.

This week is about you, so stop putting your health last and put yourself FIRST.


How are you suppose to help and support your loved ones if you’re struggling yourself? Helping yourself is actually the best way to help others.

We are not health experts here at Paris & I, we have both gone through our own personal battles and know a thing or two about getting back on track. However, what we do know is that we are devoted in helping our Paris & I family. So if you’re reading this and need to talk to someone (it can be anything) we are here for you. 

How you can get help 

  1. See your GP

  2. Talk to a friend 

  3. Talk to us 




Our Mental Health Tips 

  • Exercise and move the body

THIS WORKS- Did you know exercise is the best NATURAL way to help with depression 

  • Eat a balanced nutritious diet

Picture From:

  • Get outdoors or in the sun 

  • Do things that you love and make them a priority 

  • Lower your alcohol consumption or drink sensibly

  • Do something you’re good at 

  • Talk about your feelings 

  • Keep in touch 

  • Accept who you are and love yourself 

We have all been in dark places but there is always light on the other side. Ask for help and put yourself first as it is worth it and you are worth it.

Always here if you need to chat.

Email us 

Send us a DM on any of our socials (We run all our socials so you're only ever going to be talking to Sammi or Paris AKA us) 

We will leave the links below 



Love From Sammi & Paris XX


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