The Best Leggings That DON'T Fall Down

The Best Leggings That DON'T Fall Down

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Are you tired of constantly having to adjust your waistband during a workout?

FACT: Activewear is designed to work and move with you, not against you... 

FACT: Activewear should NOT fall down

FACT: There is NO need for elastic or silicone gripper tape inside your waistband.

If this is an issue you are having, then keep on reading as this blog will explain why and how to fix the problem.


Your activewear bottoms can fall down due to a few different reasons, including poor design, low quality materials and incorrect sizing. 

1. Poor Design 

Some brands don't prioritise the design of their waistband. If the waistband is too narrow with flimsy fabric how is it supposed to support you? A dead giveaway that a brand doesn't understand the correct design and shape of the waistband is when they use elastic. Elastic in a waistband is uncomfortable and is a bandage solution. There is no need for elastic or silicone gripper tape inside the waistband.

2. Low Quality Materials  

Have you ever wondered why all of a sudden your leggings don't stay up anymore? It's because the fabric has lost its strength, structure and elasticity to hold the waistband in place. When a low quality flimsy fabric is used, the activewear can't withstand the stress of an intense workout.

3. Incorrect Sizing

Choosing the wrong size can also contribute to waistband slippage. If the waistband is too loose, it won't be able to stay in place during movement. On the other hand, if the waistband is too tight, it can create uncomfortable pressure and also lead to rolling down.

 SOLUTION... Australian Made & Well Designed 

A good waistband should be designed with activity in mind, whether that be yoga, pilates, running, or weightlifting. It should be able to stay in place during movement and provide adequate coverage and support to the lower back and abdominal region.

1. Australian Made 

When activewear is Australian made you know that you're going to get unique high quality designs that are made ethically. You can feel good about your purchase while getting a high-quality product that will last for years to come and you know you can't get anywhere else. AKA your waistband won't roll down 

2. Medium Height Waistband 

For a supportive, comfortable waistband that does not slip, look for a waistband that is medium height. You don't want a waistband too high as this can cause rolling and can sometimes make you look like you don't have a waist. Have you noticed girls at the gym rolling their waistbands over at the top? this is because the waistband has been designed to sit way too high which cuts your torso short. On the other hand, a waistband too thin causes muffin tops and offers no support. 

3. Designed for Support and Comfort 

A well-designed waistband should provide support and compression to the core muscles, helping to improve posture and reduce fatigue during physical activity. But it should be designed to be comfortable, it should fit snugly but not be too tight. A well designed waistband shouldn't dig into the skin or cause chafing or irritation.

4. High Quality Fabric 

The perfect waistband that does not roll should be made from soft and breathable materials, look for a fabric composition of poly, spandex and or nylon.  

5. Double Layered Fabric 

Finally, the waistband should be double layered to offer the ultimate support. The waistband should shape you without any restrictions. 

If you are after Australian made activewear that won't roll down, Paris & I is the brand for you. Paris & I spent over a year perfecting their very first set. The design process started in 2017 and Paris & I launched their first set in 2018. The leggings were the first on the market with the contouring V and scrunch bum. Since then, Paris & I activewear has only excelled. Feedback from customers has shaped how each collection is made. Paris & I is an Australian-made and owned activewear label that focuses on making women feel confident by offering high-quality activewear that’s flattering, camel toe free and of course squat proof. Finally, it’s not just about the activewear for Paris & I, it's about building a safe place and a community where the owners personally speak to every single person. The conversation Paris & I have with their customers ranges from the topics of activewear to mental health. 

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Love Sammy & Paris xx   

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