What is The Point of Scrunch Leggings?

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Scrunch Bum Leggings is when a special sewing technique is used to create a gathered look that separates your bum cheeks which then creates the illusion of a fantastic peachy booty. 

Scrunch Bum ensures that your booty will look even more glorious than it already does. 

fascinated? Keep reading because you're gonna want to get your hands on a pair of these bottoms, ASAP. 

Are they comfortable and functional?

Don't worry these BBL effect leggings are comfortable and functional if made correctly, they're the comfiest/ functional leggings you'll wear. 

What to Look For When Purchasing Scrunch Bum Leggings? 

  1. The scrunch bum is made with elastic: This allows the scrunch bum to move with your booty. eg. when you go into a squat the elastic stretches out to relieve the tension. When made with a restricting material like a cord, you won't get any movement when you squat. Instead, it will feel like someone is giving you a harsh wedgie. 
  2. Look for a V-shaped waistband at the BACK: A V-shaped waistband stops the scrunch bum from starting halfway up your back, why is this an issue? If the scrunch sits long and high this will give the illusion that you have a long bum, even if you have the best bum in the world it will change the shape of it (in a not so good way). The V point must finish where the top of your bum crack starts, this will give you that full rounded booty look. 
  3. Make sure the scrunch bum isn't too intense: When the scrunch bum is to promenade it ends up going across your entire bum width. Which then looks like you just have wrinkled fabric from one side to the other. The point of a scrunch bum is to slightly separate your cheeks, giving you that BBL booty we all love hehe. 
  4. Look at the Seam length at the back: The seam length needs to be companied with the V-shaped waistband. As mentioned above you don't want the seam to be going halfway up your back, especially when you're a shorty like me. 
  5. Gusset: A gusset is that little triangle that is in your crutch area, it's a section that softly cradles your vagina, with the correct design a gusset helps prevent camel toes. Also, the gusset is where the end of the scrunch bum is attached to. This ensures that the scrunch bum doesn't end up being a scrunch vagina (ouch). 

Overall, scrunch bum leggings shouldn't be a BIG obvious feature but instead, a discrete one that compliments and enhance your booty. For example, when you get your eyebrows or lashes done you want to enhance your features not be a shock factor, or if you get your lips done, you don't want people being like OH you had your lips done. Hope that makes sense hehe. 

 If you're looking for Australian Made scrunch bum leggings that have had years of perfecting and designing put into them check out our range HERE.

It took us over a year before we released our scrunch bum leggings as we wanted them to be perfect for all women, not just a certain 'person'. We know you'll love them! 


Love Sammi & Paris 

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