5 Easy Steps to Crop Your Favourite T-Shirts

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Looking for a new t-shirt?

We’ve got you covered. Our DIY 5 easy steps to crop your t-shirts from home with just scissors. We will show you how to get the perfect fit and style in no time!

With our step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to create the perfect cropped tee that fits all of your needs. We all know how hard lockdown has been lately, so it’s the perfect time to do a fun little home project!

 Materials Needed:

First thing you'll need is a pair of sharp scissors—ones for fabric specifically are the best, but as long as they're sharp, they'll do the trick. A pen or chalk also comes in handy to make marks on your clothing, or if you want, you can mostly eyeball it like we did. Plus, if it’s a little off don’t stress it makes it unique right?

You can make it as cropped as you want! Time to have some fun! Let's get started...


Step 1: Lay shirt on a flat surface and smooth it out completely.

Step 2: Measure out where you want it the new hem to hit. Make sure you try the shirt on beforehand. Tip: Leave the shirt a little longer than you want it to be to ensure that you like the length. You can always make it shorter, but you can’t make it longer. (Coming from our own experience ha ha, we’ve got you covered).

Step 3: Take a measuring tape or ruler and use a pen or chalk to mark on each side so you know you're cutting it straight.

Step 4: Start cutting on one side and make sure you're in line with your other mark.

Step 5: FINISHED and now you have the perfect little cropped tee!

 You can’t find the perfect crop t-shirt at a store? No problem. With just scissors and these 5 easy steps on how to make your own, you’ll be creating pieces from home with no sewing required in minutes! Click here If you need the perfect oversized t-shirt to start cutting up for all sorts of DIY projects, Shop our tee’s now.

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Love Paris & Sammi xx


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