5 Tips To Stay Productive When Working From Home

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Working from home can be challenging at times, especially for a long period of time. Since Covid-19, a lot of people have had no choice but to work from home. Some people love working from home, but it can leave others feeling isolated and unmotivated as they have no sense of normality. Below we have listed 5 tips that we use when working from home. I did my entire 3-year uni degree from home and the following tips really helped! 

Tip 1: Have A Clean Environment 

Walking into a dirty desk/room can be demotivating. However, walking into a clean environment can be a good way to start the day on a positive note. A clean area to work from with minimal clutter can give you a clear head, good energy and can motivate you to perform all your daily tasks. Overall a clean environment can increase motivation and performance.

Tip 2: Get Dressed 

Staying in your PJ’s all day sounds like a dream come true BUT it can negatively affect you and your work performance. This sounds silly... However, getting dressed signals that you’re in work mode. If you live with people getting dressed for work can also signal that your day has started, in other words, it helps you separate work from home life. Lastly, putting on work attire at home can give you confidence leaving you to feel fresh and productive.

Tip 3: Never Lay on Your Bed or Couch 

We all know how tempting it is to go lay down on your bed and scroll on your phone, we also know that hours can pass and you have gotten nothing done for the day. It is so important not to let yourself lay down on your bed or couch. If you need a break, go outside and get some fresh air, even schedule a workout in, just don’t lay down. 

Tip 4: Establish a Designated Workspace 

Crating a workspace at home helps maintain normality along with creating a strict divide between your work life and home life. Choose a space with the least distractions as this will help you focus, it will also mentally get you into work mode. 

Tip 5: Create a Schedule  

This tip is extremely important and is a MUST. We have recently done a blog on how to have a better morning. Click Here for a FREE step by step guide. Routine can help with our mental health, it lets us take control of the day, it reduces stress levels and it lets us prioritise certain tasks or things that are most important.  

Always remember that some days might be harder than others and it is important to take time for yourself and recognise when you need a break. 

We encourage you to keep in contact with family and friends, The world has changed dramatically over the past couple of years and we want you to know that we are always here if you need someone to lean on. We will always reply 

Love Sammi & Paris 

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