Meet The Women Behind Our Latest Campaign

Meet The Women Behind Our Latest Campaign

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Posted by Paris & I on 


Hello! I’m 32 years old and my background is Bengali (from Bangladesh)

I’m a pharmacist & currently studying Master of Public Health.
Most recent hobby: up cycling furniture collected from council clean ups!

There are So many reasons why I love Paris & I! Paris & I’s activewear is comfortable, flattering, locally designed & made. Plus, Sammi & Paris are lovely and the brand is inclusive, body diverse!

Also, I did an order yesterday - excited to receive my activewear!


21 years old, from Australia 

I studied a Bachelor of Journalism and now consider myself a part-time troublemaker and full-time Brand Storyteller.

I adore writing and reading; despite the fact I do both Monday to Friday, 9-5, I still find myself in a bookstore every weekend. I run to Classical music or movie soundtracks, I love masturbation (self-pleasure is self-care). To sum me up, I am either eating ice-cream like it’s an Olympic sport or walking around Sydney’s city making up fictional lives for strangers that I’ll never see again.

I don’t just love Paris&I, I believe in it. I feel united to the womanhood that is consistently uplifted and nurtured, I feel a true sense of belonging. I feel welcomed, and supported. For me, Paris & Sam have created so much more than just a company but a real, real community - the activewear is a mere bonus. The fit and feel of their pieces makes you feel like everything has been crafted for your body - I can move without limits.

Tina (Left) & Karen (Right) AKA Our MUMS

Tina: I'm 57 and Australian 
I studied teaching, majored in Physical education.
I help people with anti ageing and health.
I love Paris and I as it makes you feel fantastic and want to exercise and stay healthy.

Karen: I'm 58 and Australian.

I did a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and was a school Teacher.
My hobbies are gym, walking the dogs, reading, watching movies, gardening and long bike rides.
I love Paris & I because I can wear the clothes all day & be super comfortable. Fabric is thicker than others, soft and comfortable. I feel more attractive & trendy when I’m wearing Paris & I. I can go anywhere wearing the clothes.
Love love love Paris & I. 

I love the brand because anyone any size & any look can wear it & look & feel super comfortable. The clothes are unique in their style & quality & I recommend the clothing range to all women I talk too. That’s how confident I feel about the clothing.


I am 28 years old and I’m Puerto Rican.

I have a bachelors in Psychology. Full time, I own Hi Vibe Water alongside my husband Elliot. Part time, I model and do content creation.

In the next coming months, I will be diving into the world of Tantra and moving towards facilitating my own breathwork sessions and energy work.

Training is my hobby (do it for the love of moving my body).

I love Paris & I because it’s given me the opportunity to connect with other amazing women who support each other to grow and thrive. I love Paris & I because it is a brand that stands for self acceptance while promoting healthy lifestyles.

I love Paris and I because of the amazing, beautiful women who started the brand. They are a light in this world.

Thank you Paris & Sam for having me involved in such an amazing space.


I’m 25, Half Filipino and half Australian 

I work as a reservations agent for Accor Hotels GC head office.
My hobbies are hiking in nature, painting, dancing.

And I love Paris & I because the material of the active wear feels and looks amazing on my body, they have a great range of colours to choose from and I really love what the brands mission is.


Hey okayy my age is 21 and I am half Japanese Half Australian 

I studied pathology assistance & now working at qml pathology as a lab assistant here in Brisbane! My hobby’s are cooking and dancing! The reason why I love Paris & I is because it’s an inclusive brand with a range of styles/ colours! The community they have is amazing - Paris & Sam are the most beautiful people inside and out and the brand is so unique because of that.


I am 28 and my nationality is Lebanese/Dutch/ Indonesian

I studied business and marketing and worked as a retail manager and visual merchandiser…. But now on maternity leave as of this week.

Hobbies - going to the beach, board games, good food, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Love Paris and I because it’s comfy, looks and feels great on all bodies and for all occasions. PLUS it is made by 2 incredible women for all women!


I am 21 and I am Cuban 
Study: Biomedical science and fashion design

Hobbies: dancing, baking and sketching

Why do I love Paris and I: makes me feel so comfortable in my own body and while doing exercise. I don’t have to worry whether it’s riding up etc. it fits my body shape well which is something I struggled to find with fitness brands in the past. Also because I have bad eczema and sensitive skin I was never able to wear tight fitting leggings/shorts as the material always caused me to get rashes or become itchy but due to the breathable nature of the Paris and I fabric I don’t have to deal with this and can undertake my fitness routine without any of these concerns X


I am 22 and Australian.

I studied Business and Fashion and I’m a Makeup Artist for work
My hobbies include playing tennis, going to the beach, and gym and having cocktails with the girls hehe

I love Paris and I because it is an Australian owned and made fashion forward brand that empowers and supports women to move freely and be uniquely themselves. The clothing itself is incredibly versatile, comfortable and timeless.


I’m 3 weeks away from the big 3-0! I am Japanese 

I’m a medical admin officer in the emergency department :) I absolutely love what I do and work with some incredible people.

My hobbies are cats and touch football.
I love Paris & I because it makes me feel GOOD! The products are fantastic, the creators are genuine, and the company is empowering.

thanks for including me xxx


Hi hunnies I am 29, Samoan / Australian

Makeup Artist
Love going to the beach
I love everything Paris & I stands for. Makes me feel so comfortable and womanly and especially love all the different colours!

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