Are Unitards/Playsuits Comfortable & Camel Toe Free?

Are Unitards/Playsuits Comfortable & Camel Toe Free?

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Unitards/Playsuits are a HUGE trend, but so many people are afraid to try them. They're worried about being get cut in half or that they're uncomfortable. 

But here is why they might be worth adding to your wardrobe, plus what you should look for when buying your unitard/ playsuit.

First off what is a unitard, playsuit, shortsie and or onesie?

It's a tight-fitting one-piece garment of stretchable fabric which covers the body from the chest to your thighs 

No Front Seam or an Invisible Front Seam (Anti-Camel Toe)

There is a myth going around the internet that no front seam guarantees no camel toes. If you're new here a camel toe is when there is vertical tension causing the fabric to give you a front wedgie. Anyway, just because there is no front seam doesn't mean you're in the clear, you need to make sure that the garment isn't loose around the crutch area. The company needs to know what they're doing when designing as many factors come into play when designing camel toe free activewear. 

  • Look for no front seam or a minimal invisible seam 
  • Make sure there is NO excess fabric around the crutch 
  • Look for the company's reviews and if they understand the technology of camel toe proof activewear 


The fabric of the playsuit is VERY important, you should look for something with a 4-way stretch, soft, sweat-wicking, breathable, lightweight and at the same time supportive 

  • 4-way stretch will ensure that the playsuit will move with you, also no matter how long your torso is, the playsuit will stretch to fit your body perfectly ensuring you're in complete comfort
  •  Soft fabric will give you that second skin feel
  • Sweat-wicking ensures that your sweat doesn't stay on you 
  • Breathable fabric will keep you cool during the steamiest workouts. Also, you will stay smelling fresh down below 
  • Lightweight and supportive fabric will sculpt and shape you without weighing you down

Strap Thickness 

Straps too thin can be less supportive and uncomfortable. When purchasing a unitard you still want support but you also don't want big bulky straps. Look for a medium width strap that is made from soft fabric and not elastic. Make sure you check what the straps look like  at the back of the garment as you need to make sure the design is flattering and functional. 

  • Elastic Free Straps 
  • Medium Size 
  • Flattering Design  


Squat Proof 

Fabric plays a big role in determining the quality and lifetime of activewear. The type of fabric also tells you how it’s going to fit, feel and most of all if it’s going to be see-through(hellooo G stringgggg). When it comes to fabric you also want something that’s going to be soft for casual wear whilst wicking away sweat during a workout. Down below I have listed a little break down on popular fabrics used for shortsies/ playsuits, which will then lead into the PERFECT blend. But first, you must know the facts to understand why.

 Cotton Playsuit

Advantage: cotton is known to be a soft breathable fabric 

Disadvantage: loses shape over time & not sweat resistant 

Polyester Playsuit

Advantage: Lightweight, Water-resistant, sweat-wicking & breathable 

Disadvantage: fabric shine can be unattractive  

Spandex Playsuit

Advantage: super stretchy & retains original shape  

Disadvantage: non-absorbent 

Nylon Playsuit 

Advantage: durable & lightweight

Disadvantage: Static & pilling 

The PERFECT Blend: After learning about all the different advantages and disadvantages wouldn’t you agree that the perfect fabric would be a unique blend of polyester and spandex. Activewear that has this unique blend will be soft, breathable, lightweight, sweat-wicking, super stretchy and retains its shape. Most importantly with the correct choice of thickness (GSM), they will be 110% squat proof! 

(But REALLY what you need to know is that they’re thick enough so your pubies don't prick your workout partner at your next F45 sweat sesh)

Butt Seam 

Did you know that the seam shape can affect your butt shape? Look for a playsuit that features a V shape waistband at the back, the V is like a magic trick as it instantly gives your booty shape. Another thing to look for is the seam length. Make sure the seam at the back isn't too long as the V needs to sit at the top of your booty. If the seam is too long the V will start halfway up your back and this just doesn't look right. 

  • V waistband at the back 
  • Correct Length Bum Seam 

Boob Support 

We need our boobs to be comfortable and supported, we don't want to worry about lifting them up after every burpee or trying to keep them from falling out. This is the job of the playsuit. Make sure there is either a seam under the bust with double layered fabric through the bust area or a shelf bra. A bust seam or shelf bra will stop your boobs from moving, like a crop top. Playsuits that don't have this feature won't support you as there is nothing under your boobs to give them that helping hand we all need during a workout.

  • Bust Seam 
  • Shelf Bra 

A unitard, playsuit, onesie and or shortsie is the best invention, it's your favourite shorts and crop all in one. Playsuits are contouring, flattering and extremely comfortable. I would go as far as saying they're the comfiest thing invented. They're suited to any workout you can imagine and are a staple fashion piece for your wardrobe. I'm telling you now, you need to try one of these out. You won't regret it

And, Yes, You Can Definitely Pull One Off

If you're after a playsuit, unitard, onesie or shortsie with all the above features you have come to the right place.

For 4 years now we (Paris & I) have been perfecting our playsuits. We couldn't keep our full length jumpsuit in stock , it went viral on Tiktok and we were unable to keep up with the demand. So this summer we introduced a NEW VERY limited edition playsuit. Before releasing our new Active Playsuit we (Sammi & Paris, owners of Paris & I) wore and tested it for months. The number of strangers that approached us asking where it was from put the biggest smiles on our faces. It's the playsuit everyone needs in their wardrobe and we know you'll love this Australian made Onesie. 

PRE-ORDER The Perfect Active Playsuit here - The first batch sold within 4 days

With Love,

Sammi & Paris 

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