Breast Implant Illness is REAL

Breast Implant Illness is REAL

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Hey there! My name is Paris-Rose Paterson co-owner of Paris & I activewear and I recently underwent a breast explant in September last year 2020. I wanted to write this blog to share my personal experience with Breast Implant Illness (BII). In the hope that it helps even one girl to know you’re not alone!


BII is a term that some women and doctors use to refer to a wide range of symptoms that can develop after undergoing cosmetic augmentation with breast implants. BII can occur with any type of breast implant. BII impacts each individual in a unique way. The symptoms can appear any time after implant surgery, some people develop symptoms immediately, while some develop them years later. A lot of the symptoms are associated with autoimmune and connective tissue disorders, such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and scleroderma. Some people who have BII also get diagnosed with a specific autoimmune or connective tissue disorder, but many do not. In many, but not all cases, surgery to remove the breast implants improves or completely resolves the BII symptoms.

Most common symptoms can include:

Joint and muscle pain, chronic fatigue, memory and concentration problems, breathing problems, sleep disturbance, rashes and skin problems, dry mouth and dry eyes, anxiety, depression, headaches, hair loss and gastrointestinal problems



I got my breast implants when I had turned 18, I was really self-conscious after losing almost 20kg in my teens. My boobs definitely didn’t look like all my friends, I referred to them as empty sacks or bacon strips haha! (Harsh I know). So that’s where the idea of getting breast implants aka “boob job” came in. SO many girls were getting boob jobs back then and there was no such thing as BIL, yes there are always risks with any surgery but being a young 18-year-old all I cared about was being confident and having a plump chest again.

My surgery was a success, had no issues and recovered well. I loved my new boobies and didn’t think much of it from there. As the years went on, I definitely saw a decline in my immune system but I didn’t think much of it. I was always getting sick extremely easy and felt exhausted for no real reason. I was a young girl and should've been thriving but instead, I was pumping myself with caffeine. My blood work would always come back clear but I knew deep down something wasn’t right.

Until early 2020 I started to notice more serious issues with my health. I started to develop a bad rash on my neck which then spread all over my face. I went to multiple doctors and was prescribed SO many creams/steroid tablets and NOTHING was working. I never thought my implants would be causing this until I had a friend going through THE EXACT SAME THING. Her rash was all over her body, so she decided to explanted and her rash COMPLETELY disappeared almost immediately. I then started looking more into BII and found so many other girls going through similar things to me. 

I researched the brand of my implants (ALLERGEN) and found out that they had been RECALLED, linking to BIA-ALCL (this is a type of cancer, but not breast cancer). It's cancer that is derived from the immune cells and your lymphocytes and it's been associated with breast implants. Which is just mind blowing! If I had known any of this, I would have never got them in the first place. Other symptoms I was experiencing were fatigue, gastrointestinal problems and weird allergies/food intolerances that I never had experienced until having breast implants.


I decided to book into my original surgeon who did my implants to get his opinion on my rash and symptoms. He basically thought I was crazy to think that any of this was linked to my breast implants.  I left his office in tears and questioning myself. After talking to my friend and other girls in the Breast Implant Illness Facebook group, I booked in for a second opinion with another doctor with who I decided to do my explant surgery. He didn’t guarantee anything, but said he has seen a lot of success stories from girls who have explanted. I booked in 4 weeks later for my full Enbloc Capsulectomy. This is when the breast implant and capsule (scar tissue that surrounds the breast implant) is removed completely. I later found out my right implant had completely ruptured!

Getting my explant was the best thing I ever did for getting my health back. Within 2 weeks my face had COMPLETELY healed! I couldn’t believe it. I felt like a new woman! I have never felt healthier! Most of my symptoms I was experiencing have now all gone 10 months later.

I’m not against breast implants and I know that BII doesn’t happen to everyone as our bodies all react differently. I had my implants for 7 years in total. Personally, I don’t think my immune system could deal with the foreign objects in my body. I love my new little boobies and have a new appreciation for them.


When recovering from my explant I couldn’t find the perfect bra that I was completely comfortable in. This is when the idea to design the ULTIMATE surgical bra came to mind. This bra needed to tick all the boxes for girls going through any sort of breast surgery. After months of perfecting and testing, born was our surgery and functional friendly ZIP BRA. We design all Paris & I pieces with purpose and practicality in mind. I wish I had this bra for when I had my surgery!

Made from our famous buttery soft blend of fabric, the perfect amount of coverage, high-quality zipper for easy front access, supportive, and elastic-free gentle straps for ultimate comfort! The Zip Bra won't cut or dig in and it’s the perfect length if you need post-op drains! We thought of it all with this bra! It’s also perfect for any breastfeeding mummies!

Most surgical bras are ugly, EXPENSIVE and have no other real purpose. We designed this bra so that it will always hold a purpose in your wardrobe. It features a multi-way back for when you want to spice it up and show off the back details!

Click here to browse our famous Zip Bra, surgery or no surgery you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE this bra! Available in three beautiful staple colours.

If you need anyone to talk to, or experiencing any BIL symptoms, please reach out to me! Always hear to chat & connect with you girls! You are not alone ❤️

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Love Paris xxx

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