What Makes Paris & I Different From The Rest?

What Makes Paris & I Different From The Rest?

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Why is Paris & I so unique in Australia?

Our customer base is a wide range of different women. No one is the same age, shape or size. Each individual has shared wonderful feedback about Paris & I activewear. When looking through our reviews, you can see that Paris & I have developed a reputation for creating the most flattering, multipurpose activewear that is suited to all women. However, our brand is so much more than high quality activewear, it's about how we utilise our platform to help others. 

Inclusive and Diverse 

This has always been the main focus at Paris & I. It is so important to educate people about being kind to everyone, no one is to be left behind or feel alone. We want people to feel welcome and that anyone can rock activewear because they can! Paris & I create a space for women to embrace all that it means to __________ [insert your own definition of what it means to be a woman] recognising the importance of growing a liberating and all-inclusive label. Uplifting ambitious bodies with mindfully created fashion, no matter the journey, Paris & I will encourage you through every step.

Our approach:

Using customers in our photoshoots and campaigns. Meaning they have already purchased and love Paris & I so why not capture this behind a lens for others to see and appreciate the confidence they've gained from wearing Paris & I. 

Showcasing women of all different shapes, sizes and ages, as wearing activewear shouldn't be a privilege for only SOME women. It's for anyone who wishes to wear great activewear.  

Posting Reels and Tiktoks revealing our insecurities. Letting others know that cellulite and beauty marks are normal. Everyone is on their own self-love journey and we are here to share the journey we are on. As owners of Paris & I we put ourselves out there, we have had so many positive DM's and comments saying how much it has helped them to see us with beauty marks. Guess what... we all have beauty marks, that's the human body. 

We care about our community  

Transaction or no transaction, we are here for you! Don't get us wrong we truly appreciate every single order we get. We scream with excitement because we know that's another person who will love and gain confidence in Paris & I. We are non stop emailing or messaging people on Instagram/Facebook having a general chat, sometimes deep and meaningful, giving advice or just having a chat. It's so beautiful the connection we have made with women over the years, like we said purchase or no purchase we are your internet best friend, not even actually. We have made some REAL life besties through Paris & I that we see face to face, that's what we love. It's just myself (Sammi) and Paris who are behind Paris & I so when you email, or message on any platform it will be us replying. 



To show the world that being a woman is whatever you make it - undefined and unapologetic. 


We empower every face of womanhood by promoting a life that recognises wellbeing and connection at the core of greatness.

Empowerment, Wellbeing and Greatness

We love you and please message us for a chat.

Love Sammi & Paris xx

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