How Are Activewear Leggings Supposed To Fit?

How Are Activewear Leggings Supposed To Fit?

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Up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong-sized clothing, are you?

When purchasing activewear, getting the correct size is detrimental. Purchasing leggings that are too big results in your leggings hanging at the crutch and leggings that are too small will roll down at the waistband and over time the fabric will become sheer as it's been stretched past its natural elasticity. 

Here are some guidelines to make sure you're getting the correct size when making your next activewear purchase. 

Fit & Feel  

There is nothing better then putting on a brand new pair of leggings, but maybe you're wearing the wrong size? Your leggings should feel like a second skin, snug in all the right places- Butt, waist, and legs. However, your leggings shouldn't be so tight that they're restricting you. Or on the other hand they shouldn't feel loose around the areas mentioned above. Your leggings should move with you no matter what type of workout or movement you're doing, they should feel comfortable but supportive. 

Here are some signs that your leggings are too small 

Not Squat Proof

First, look for activewear that promotes being squat proof as leggings should never show skin or undies when they're put to action. Secondly, be sure to check the size guide as all brands are different. If you purchase a size too small the leggings may start off being squat proof, but over time the fabric will become sheer as it's been pushed pasted its natural elasticity. Not only will they become sheer the fabric will break down overtime and the leggings won't retain their shape. 

The Waistband is Rolling at The Top 

A good indication that your leggings are too small is that your waistband rolls down at the top. This can be very frustrating and uncomfortable, but it's an easy fix as going up a size will allow for the fabric to sit correctly without the pressure causing it to roll. Also, look for a waistband that is designed without elastic, as the elastic can cause rolling. The waistband should be made with double layered soft, stretchy but supportive fabric. Finally, a waistband is so important so make sure the brand has done extensive research on their design and have been around long enough for their product to be tested and tried by all different body shapes. 

The Stitching Looks Stressed 

If the stitching in the seams of your leggings look stressed and grinned this means there is too much pressure. Going up a size in your leggings will reduce the pressure on the seams which will increase the lifespan of your favourite leggings.  


Here are some signs that your leggings are too big 

There is Excess Fabric in The Crutch 

Leggings are designed to move with you, they're like a second skin. If they're too big in the crotch area the fabric can give you chafe and or you could end up with a camel toe because there's no where else to go but into your vagina. 

Your Leggings Slip Down

When you wear leggings too big they will 100% slip down during your workouts. This is why it's so important to understand your size as there is nothing worse then stopping during a workout to pull your leggings up.

No Support 

Your leggings are supposed to be firm to offer you support, you want to feel like you could do anything in them with all the confidence in the world. Leggings are designed to move with you no matter what type of workout you're doing. Leggings that are too big will restrict you as you will have to adjust them, and no one has time for that. 


Leggings that are the right size will last longer, meaning you will not have to constantly buy new leggings. Here at Paris & I we can guarantee you'll love your leggings and they will love you back for a long time.  

How Paris & I Sizing works? We base our sizing off non stretch fabric (yes our leggings are stretchy). If you wear a size 10AUS in jeans or pants you'd be a size M in Paris & I. If you are unsure about your sizing please message the online chat, email or dm us (Sammi & Paris) on Instagram. We love to help 

If you don't want to talk to us hehe that's ok we have a size chart and a virtual fitting room

Love you,

Sammi & Paris 

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