The BBL Jacket That's Taken Over TikTok

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Australian Made Activewear That Keeps Selling Out

You may have seen our Luxe Jacket circulating on TikTok over the last couple of weeks. People are calling it the BBL Jacket and are shocked when they put it on. As mentioned in an earlier blog our Vogue pants also sold out within hours once they got shared on TikTok and Pinterest. 


But why is Paris & I such a hot topic when there are so many other brands that ‘look’ the same online? Well, every single thread and stitch is thought about when Paris & I is designed. Have you ever purchased a skirt online and when receiving it, the skirt just doesn't look like what it did on the model? This can be due to poor design, bad fabric and really it was just designed for the one body type. Long story short, this is why Everyone is raving about Paris & I as it’s designed with care and thought.

The Luxe Jacket AKA the BBL Jacket has contouring seams that shape and compliment your figure BUT is still extremely comfortable. People say it’s like a buttery soft sleek shapewear. The BBL jacket features a high neck, two pockets, seams that complement the body, buttery soft fabric, thumbholes and a high-quality zipper. It’s really a miracle jacket and it is made in Australia. 

Paris & I is more than just a jacket, every single item has had years put into the design and fabric choice, it’s not designed for the one body shape either. Find out why all these women are raving about Paris & I, there is no point in me telling you how amazing it is, it’s something you need to try because I promise you’ll fall in love. 

Find out why Paris & I is Loved by so many 

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